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Company outing charity

Bedrijfsuitje voor een goed doel

Fun company outing charity

At The Hand Project, we believe that team building can be more than just fun. Why not do something good at the same time? Our corporate charity event combines fun activities with supporting a good cause. In short, the perfect recipe for an unforgettable day!

Our company outing consists of several fun and challenging activities. Teams work together to assemble prosthetic hands, which are then donated to people in need. Therefore, this is not only a fun way to strengthen team spirit, but also an opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life.

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Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our charity team building activities are suitable for everyone. It’s a great way to strengthen bonds between colleagues! Furthermore, at the same time you are making a positive impact on the community together. Also, our program is flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs. This is why we are happy to think with you to put together an unforgettable company outing.

Corporate event charity that makes a difference

Why choose The Hand Project?

Our charity team building activities are unique and meaningful. Your team will not only learn to work better together, but also go home feeling fulfilled. After all, they not only worked on their own team, but also contributed to the life of another through a company charity.

What are others saying about our corporate event charity?

Many companies have gone before you and rave about their experience with The Hand Project. They praise the combination of fun, cooperation and charity. Read their stories about our corporate charity and get inspired. Companies see better interrelationships. Furthermore, it also creates a heightened sense of pride and satisfaction within the team.

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How does our corporate event charity work?

Easily book fun activities for charity and plan a date. Then we will take care of the rest. First, our team leaders guide you through the day and make sure everyone stays engaged and enthusiastic. In addition, together we provide an unforgettable experience! From the moment of arrival to the last shared moment, we make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone feels valued. Learn more about our event here.

More than a fun activity for charity?

At The Hand Project, it’s not just about team building. We also strive to create lasting memories and foster a culture of collaboration and empathy within companies. That’s why our charity team building events are designed to make an impact not only on the day itself, but also to work long afterward in the work environment.

The effect on recipients:

The people who receive prosthetic hands not only get a tool, but also a new opportunity in life. This allows them to perform daily tasks that we take for granted. In addition, this greatly improves their quality of life and gives them back a sense of independence and dignity. Your team plays a direct role in this transformation. This makes the experience even more meaningful!

Are you ready for a corporate charity event that really matters? Then contact us today and find out how you and your team can make a difference with The Hand Project. Click here to book your corporate charity event and participate in an unforgettable experience!

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