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Empowering Group Activities for Adults

Group Activity for Adults: Empowerment Through The Handproject Workshop

Engage in a transformative group activity for adults with The Handproject’s workshop. It’s an invitation to participate in a meaningful experience that fosters teamwork, empathy, and personal growth, while also contributing to a significant global cause. This unique workshop not only brings people together but does so with a purpose that reaches beyond the immediate group, impacting lives around the world.

Engage, Connect, and Learn: A Unique Learning Activity for Adults

Dive into The Handproject’s workshop, an unparalleled learning activity for adults. This workshop centers on assembling prosthetic hands, aiming to build stronger connections and skill sets in a straightforward, impactful manner. The prosthetic hands you and your team will be assembling, will be donated to people in developing countries who otherwise would be stuck without a hand.

  • Self-Facilitated Events: Perfect for smaller groups, our self-facilitated option supplies all essentials, including a hand kit set and a professional presentation. This setup lets groups move at their own rhythm, adapting to different environments and occasions effortlessly. It’s a perfect group activity for adults that combines ease with significant personal and collective development.

  • Hand Kit Sets: For more focused engagement, opt for our hand kit set. You can assemble a functional prosthetic hand at home with your family or friends. What an amazing idea for a unique and lasting gift! (Cost: €250,00 plus VAT and shipping)

    You will be sent everything you need to assemble a hand PLUS links to a narrated PowerPoint presentation about The Hand Project to give you background and extra motivation.

    Once completed, just send the finished hand back using the return postage slip.

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learning activity for adults

Customize Your Group Activity for Adults with The Handproject

Adjust and fine-tune your group activity for adults to perfectly match your team’s interests and objectives. Whether opting for a self-guided workshop or individual hand kit sets, The Handproject commits to making your experience rewarding, impactful, and memorable. Transition seamlessly between options to find the fit that’s right for your group, ensuring that every participant gains from this unique opportunity.

To learn more about the impact we can make together, feel free to watch a short one-minute video on Vimeo.

Step Forward with The Handproject

Dive into a group activity for adults that are completly unique. Connect with The Handproject today to pick your preferred workshop format and create real tangible impact! 

Feel free to contact us at or visit our contact page!

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