Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is the goal of providing free prosthetic hands to individuals who need them. Through our programs, teams have the opportunity to assemble and donate these custom-designed hands, which can transform the lives of recipients.

We believe that making a difference should be a joyful and fulfilling experience, which is why we prioritize creating a fun and happy environment for our team workshops.  By fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, we hope to inspire teams to continue making positive contributions to their communities long after the workshop is over.

About the Director

Hi, My name is Rijk Crolla and I run The Hand Project Nederland. 

The reason that I am so committed to doing this is that I find it hard to believe that so many people are unnecessarily stuck without a hand. 

That with minimal effort, we can have such a major positive impact on somebody’s life. 

Our goal for 2024? To create and fit a 1000 hands with the Hand Project Nederland.



The Hand Project - Rijk Crolla

Interested in helping us reach our goal? 

More About The HandProject

The prostethic hands are manufactured entirely in Germany and consist of more than 50 high-quality plastic and metal parts, which are CE Certified as a Class 1 Medical Device. The prosthetic hands are 100% mechanical and can be operated by the user’s remaining hand, residual limb, or any other suitable object. Furthermore, the carry bags the prosthetic hands come in are also made by disabled workshops in Germany. These bags are later personalized by the teams who assemble the prosthetic hands.

The Hand Project currently focuses on distributing these prosthetic hands in Ghana, Uganda, Nepal, and India. Many amputees in these countries cannot afford a prosthetic hand, making this initiative all the more crucial.

The recipient of the prosthetic hand gains the ability to perform daily tasks such as writing, eating, and riding a motorbike, which many of us take for granted. This device greatly improves the quality of their lives and restores their dignity.

The prosthetic hands are assembled either through team events or Home Assembly Kits. These events not only serve as an assembly line for the hands but also as a funding model for the project.

The cost of each hand covers the actual parts, quality checks, distribution, and follow-up, which can create employment opportunities in the countries where they are distributed. Additionally, a percentage of the cost goes towards further development of new prosthetic solutions and product development.

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