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Your team will assemble mechanical prosthetic hands for amputees in developing countries. The focus is intense, and you’ll forget that you’re participating in a team-building event. To add to the challenge, each person will have one hand “covered” during the build process to simulate a “stump.” This helps to build empathy and connection with the recipient of the hand, and also promotes teamwork – it takes 2 to 3 people to screw in a bolt!

This csr teambuilding event is absolutely ‘real’ and connects your team in a powerful way through a common purpose. Your team will be proud of their achievements and that their company chose to make a difference this way.

the importance of communication within team building

Once each hand is assembled, it will be put into a unique “hand bag” that your team has decorated. You’ll then take a photo with the bag and hand, which will be packed together to be sent to the recipient. This way, they can see a picture of the people who made their hand for them.  It really puts a smile on their faces knowing who made their hand.

At the end of the event we share REAL stories and videos from actual recipients that really brings home how much of a difference the hands will make. It is a fantastic way to complete the activity as it ensures that all participants are left energised and with a renewed sense of purpose. 

Furthermore, we aim to take a picture of the recipients with their new hands and deliver the photo back to your team. By doing this, you truly know what happened to the hand(s) your team has made. Moreover, it is a significant morale boost for the team when they can see who will be using the hands and for whom they have changed the world.

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You can get involved in 3 different ways

Fully facilitated event

designed for all sizes of teams from 4 to 500 people

We travel to YOU- All over the Netherlands, Europe and the world.

This event is absolutely ‘real’ and connects your team in a powerful way through a common purpose. Your team will be proud of their achievements and that their company chose to make a difference this way.

Online moderated event

Just like a fully facilitated event, however your facilitator will join your team online.

We will send you the required number of kits and resources well before your event.

Our moderator will provide a live online briefing with powerful videos and images to help the team understand the importance of what they are about to do.

self-facilitated team event

teams of up to 20 people

We send you everything you need to run the event yourself.

As well as the hand kit sets, tools and manuals, you’ll receive a professional presentation together with notes on how to run the event. 

The presentation provides background on The Hand Project to start your event.

What's in it for your organization


This teambuilding event helps emhpasize that by collaborating behind a common goal, a team can perform better

Costomer focus

The recipients (‘customers’) of the hands your team will be assembling have very specific needs and quality concerns. Your team needs to keep these at the forefront at all times. Perhaps parallels could be made from the activity directly to your own business and your own customers’ needs.

Motivation & CSR

Improved team morale – by being fully involved in such an amazingly positive CSR cause, people feel good about themselves, their team and the company they work for.
We experience that 99.8% of participants finish the event feeling like they’ve made a real difference in the world, their perspective is widened and they feel grateful and thankful.

Home Hand Assembly Kit

Not looking for a teambuilding opportunity with your company?

You can assemble a functional prosthetic hand at home with your family or friends. What an amazing idea for a unique and lasting gift! Cost: €250,00 plus VAT.

You will be sent everything you need to assemble a hand PLUS links to a narrated PowerPoint presentation about The Hand Project to give you background and extra motivation.

Once completed, just send the finished hand back using the return postage slip.

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