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What is The Hand Project?

The Hand Project is a truly unique CSR team building opportunity for organisations to assemble REAL functional prosthetic hands for people in developing countries.

The Hand Project enables YOU and YOUR TEAM to make a real difference in the world and, at the same time, build team morale, cohesion and purpose.

You can get involved in The Hand Project in 3 different ways;

1. As a Fully Facilitated Team Event (for ALL sizes of teams)


2. As an Online Moderated Team Event (for teams up to 40 people)


3. As a Self-Facilitated Team Event or Home Assembly Kit (for teams up to 20 people)


“One of the best team building events we have experienced in our many years of professional experience – both for team management and team members.”
Gaby Wenneker, SAP

“Our whole team has been deeply moved to really have made a difference with The Hand Project!”
Frau Geißler, Paul Geißler GmbH 

What’s in it for me / us?

Our teambuilding event helps emphasise that, by really collaborating behind a common goal, a team can achieve better results.

Positivity, Team Morale, And a Real Difference

Our events make people happy, thats what we aim for trough the event.

By being fully involved in such an amazingly positive cause, people will feel good about themselves, their teams, and the company they work for.

The Hand prostheses provided trough this project only come into existence via team events or Home Assembly Kits
Together we can

Why People Put Trust In The Hand project

Mr Vinhage

Finanz Informatik

"Thanks to the organizers for this impressive day, which showed that a lot can be achieved with little effort.”

schuster haustechnik team building

Frau Kutter

Schuster Haustechnik

“Very interesting and impressive team building activity. We can only recommend! Goes through the heart to the head. Our trainees were surprised by this event and are totally enthusiastic. A lasting, profound impression remained, which once again brings one’s own life into reflection.”

Siemens healthineers Team building

Gitta Hofmann

Siemens Healthineers

The construction of the hand prostheses was a highlight of our international event. The
mediated impressions have moved us a lot, but we were also had fun and joy and were
proud of what we could do for other people. Especially as a healthcare solutions provider, this was the perfect mix of team building and social engagement.”

teambuilding Team q

Thomas Perry

Team Q

“We wanted to make our Christmas party not just a fun event, but also to do something good for other people and us as a team. With The Hand Project we have experienced how all three wishes fit together.  In the time with Chris Gulley, we have been able to fully experience what that means as well as how  we can help. We created three hands and put them together in a team. We feel that we have made something really meaningful together. This is a nice, round, satisfying end of the year. 

Husqvarna group teambuilding

Benjamin Herbert,

Husqvarna Group

“Up to now the best team building event that I have ever done. A very good example that sustainability can be found in all processes and activities and that it is not difficult to implement sustainability in everyday working life. Also a good example that sustainability can be fun. It was a successful event for everyone involved."

SAP teambuilding

Gaby Wenneker


“One of the best team events that we have done in our long careers – both in terms of the team leaders and the team members. It had a very motivational outcome, on one side because we got to do something worthwhile, but for everyone also because we got to experience the world from the perspective of other people – our customers. The team then realized that this team experience put a lot of things back into perspective and had an inspiring effect on us not only as colleagues, but also as private people. Thanks to Chris for bringing this initiative to Germany"

Juice Plus teambuilding

Tanja Boness

Juice Plus

“We organised a team building event with Chris and ‘The Hand Project’ in Nuremberg as part
of a two-day executive meeting with about 150 participants. As a company, we attach great importance to giving something back and it was very important to us to involve our top executives and bring them closer together. Never before have we experienced an event where every participant was absolutely thrilled, touched and inspired. This is also thanks to Chris and his charming and incredibly dedicated and authentic way. From the explanation to the assistance in the assembly of the hand prostheses, as well as the vivid pictures we were
allowed to see, everything was first class. It was an emotional day in the most positive sense and we as a company would do it again without hesitation and can only recommend it.
Thank you for this enriching day.“

Adyen team building

Tim van Citters


These guys are doing amazing work. Really nice workshop and felt like I was contributing. Thanks for everything you guys are doing.

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