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Virtual team building

Crafting team bonds virtually with the handproject

Team building has taken a virtual leap, especially in recent times. With platforms like Zoom and Teams, companies have been innovating the ways they engage their teams. The Handproject offers a unique approach that not only strengthens teams but also serves a noble cause. In this article, we’ll explore:

  • How The Handproject is revolutionizing team-building activities
  • The deep emotional connection teams can achieve through these activities
  • The different options available to engage with The Handproject
  • The profound impact these activities have on recipients

A Fresh Take on Virtual Team-Building:

Gone are the days when team-building was restricted to on-ground activities. Today, through platforms like Zoom, we have bold new ways to engage, inspire, and motivate teams. The Handproject takes this one step further by introducing a humanitarian angle, creating a platform for team activities via Zoom that goes beyond mere fun and games.

Empathy Through Assembly: Team Building Activities for Work via Zoom with The Handproject

In an increasingly remote work environment, fostering a sense of purpose and unity among teams can be a challenge. However, with The Handproject, team building has taken on a profound and meaningful dimension. Through Zoom-facilitated events, teams from various businesses come together to assemble mechanical prosthetic hands for amputees in developing nations. This virtual approach to team building serves a dual purpose: while teams bond over a shared mission, they are also making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate. By the end of the activity, participants are left with not just a sense of accomplishment, but a profound understanding of the impact of their efforts. With The Handproject’s virtual team building activities via Zoom, businesses aren’t just strengthening their internal teams; they’re reaching out and changing the world, one hand at a time.

Why Choose The Handproject’s Team Activities? Empathy, understanding, and a sense of shared purpose – these are the pillars that define the experiences curated by The Handproject. With a combination of challenges and shared tasks, teams are not just building team camaraderie, but they’re also assembling prosthetic hands, which will change the lives of amputees in developing countries.

One of the standout features of this exercise is the simulation experience. Team members work with one hand “covered,” giving them a glimpse into the challenges faced by amputees. This is not just another team-building activity via Zoom; it’s a deeply transformative and touching experience.

Diverse Engagement Options:

Whether your team is large, small, or dispersed across different regions, The Handproject offers varied options to get involved. These range from fully facilitated events to self-facilitated kits. And the best part? Every single option is designed with the core principles of thankfulness, dignity, and fun.

For instance, the Handproject’s facilitated team event can cater to any team size. With a focus on gratitude and respect, these sessions are light-hearted yet impactful. Hosted indoors, these events last 2.5 to 3 hours.

For teams that are not co-located, the online moderated event is a boon. With all the intensity and emotion of an on-ground event, teams come together on a virtual platform, united in a shared cause. Everything required for the event is sent in advance, and post-event, teams can easily send back the finished products.

And for those who prefer a more flexible approach, the self-facilitated event offers the perfect solution. Comprehensive kits with video presentations and notes ensure even first-timers can lead these sessions with ease.

The Ripple Effect of Your Contribution:

Each hand assembled by a team is more than just a prosthetic; it’s a lifeline, a beacon of hope for someone in a developing country. The culmination of the event, where real stories and videos from recipients are shared, drives home the monumental difference each team has made.

It’s not just about the hand; it’s about the story behind it. The photograph of the team that crafted the hand, the smiles, the joy – all of it travels with the prosthetic hand to its recipient. And in a few months, teams are gifted back with photos of the recipients, a testament to the lives they’ve touched and changed.


In a world increasingly connected by technology, The Handproject stands out as a beacon, illustrating how we can use these platforms not just for business but to foster human connection and make a real difference. It’s not just about fun team activities via Zoom; it’s about harnessing the collective power of a team to bring about change. As teams come together, they leave with more than just memories; they leave with a renewed sense of purpose and the knowledge that they’ve made a tangible impact on someone’s life.

Learn more about The Handproject’s mission here. For upcoming events or to get involved, visit here. For any other inquiries, please contact us.

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